The study 2red specializes in the design of fashion accessories. Thanks to continuous research and a wide range of contacts, the study offers a consultancy style service to 360 degrees, which includes:

  • Research trend (concepts, materials, colors, shapes);

  • Research Materials (for which the study is able to draw on a wide range of suppliers around the world, located on different price levels),

  • study and design of all elements which may be a sign of recognition for the line (metal components, linings, details, packaging)

  • Development of guidelines on contacts with manufacturers in Italy, the Far East and the world, sourcing management with development of data sheets required for the coordination between different providers;

  • Correction of the samples and complete supervision of the various stages of development of the collection.

  • Assistance to the catalog, advertising campaigns, exhibition stands and events.

    Through the experience, creativity and ability for interpretation of its designers, the study 2RED is able to offer its customers collections sewn tailored to their brand, combining always novelty, convenience and style. The study 2RED is the perfect complement to all the companies that produce or would produce accessories broadening their horizons with new external stimuli, optimizing time and cost, and fixing with a single partner throughout the process of creation, of development and management of the collection.